Our Founder and Creative Director:
Nicoleta Stephens

When reflecting on the many life experiences, temperaments, and chance occurrences that led Nicoleta toward creating memorial jewellery, a clear picture begins to emerge. Raised by her grandmother in Romania, Nicoleta grew up in a household where books, art and creativity were prized. 

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Our Story

As a child, Nicoleta was drawn towards creating things with her hands and took an interest in crocheting and knitting from the age of six. By ten, she told her grandmother that she would one day own her design business and create beautiful items that would change the world.

While Nicoleta is artistic by nature, she is also the daughter of a mathematics teacher, and inherited his affinity for numbers and geometry, a combination that lends itself perfectly to the both creative but precise art of jewellery. From witnessing how her Grandmother cherished, and was comforted by a costume from Romanian folklore once owned by her own late mother, Nicoleta learned firsthand how the personal effects of our deceased can be imbued with warm, special memories which provide comfort to those they left behind.

When her Grandmother passed away, Nicoleta felt her loss deeply, and in the absence of any of her grandmother’s personal effects, she learned the importance of being able to hold something of our loved ones, a tangible reminder of all they meant to us that we can hold closely with our own two hands. Through the culmination of these influences, creating cremation jewellery was a natural fit for Nicoleta. She is truly humbled that her work has played an important part of the grieving process for many, and she is passionate about helping people through an indescribable time.

To reflect is to gaze upon a pond of memories and see our face with a loved one - in a different time, in a different place, yet always with us. The stories shared, the memories created and the laughs enjoyed never truly leave us. When we grieve, we are invited to honour a life, so special, that it has shaped who we are and who we chose to be. When we mourn, we are invited to be with that person again, remembering the lessons they taught us and the ways they wanted us to be strong.
Nicoleta Stephens
Founder, Owner, Creative Director
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